ACT school holidays

ACT public holidays 2021

ACT School Term dates 2021 to 2022

Term 1Monday/Tuesday 1/2 February* to Thursday 1 April
Term 2Monday 19 April to Friday 25 June
Term 3Monday 12 July to Friday 17 September
Term 4Tuesday 5 October to Friday 17 December
Term 1Monday/Tuesday 31 January/1 February* to Friday 8 April
Term 2Tuesday 26 April to Friday 1 July
Term 3Monday 18 July to Friday 23 September
Term 4Monday 10 October to Friday 16 December

*New students/Returning students – New students attend a day earlier than Returning students in Term 1.

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Official Information

The ACT Government Education department sets school holidays dates and policies. You can visit their website here.

Other Information

A Teacher only day occurs at the beginning of Term 1, prior to the dates above.

act school holidays 2021

Previous ACT School Holidays and Term Dates

Term 1Mon/Tues 3/4 February* to Thursday 9 April
Term 2Tuesday 28 April to Friday 3 July
Term 3Monday 20 July to Friday 25 September
Term 4Monday 12 October to Friday 18 December

ACT Public Holidays

ACT public holidays for 2020 – 2022 are listed here.