Australian School Holidays by State and Territory

Australian School Holidays & Term Dates: 2021 and Beyond

Planning a family break over the school holidays or looking to get ‘back to school’ ready?

Find what you need here, with our complete calendar of Australian school holidays and term dates for each state and territory. Our calendar covers 2021 and 2022.

What are the school holiday & school term dates in Australia?

Schools in each Australian state and territory operate four school terms per year. Term dates are mandated by the Education Office in each jurisdiction.

This website provides a full calendar of Australian school holidays and term dates, for each state and territory. You can view the 2021 and 2022 Australian school holiday and term dates for individual jurisdictions by clicking on one of the featured boxes above.

Do school holiday and term dates differ by Australian jurisdiction?

Yes. School term start and end dates vary by state and territory and also by year level. Independent and Catholic schools base their holidays on public / government state school dates but dates may vary. Many school holidays are timed to coincide with Australian public holidays.

To ensure you have the most accurate and up to date information, you should check with your school for full details.

In addition to school holidays, all Australian schools observe pupil free days. Pupil free days are set by individual schools. Therefore, the dates of pupil free days vary from school to school.

How long does the school year last in Australia?

Most Australian primary and secondary schools operate a school year of around 200 days. The school year typically runs from late January or early February, concluding in early December.

What are the Australian school term dates?

The Australian school year is generally split into four terms. The dates of each term vary by jurisdiction and school type. Provisional timings are as follows:

  • Term 1 – Jan/Feb to March/April
  • Term 2 – April/May to June/July
  • Term 3 – July to August/September
  • Term 4 – September/October to December

Australian school term dates vary from state to state, so make sure to double check with individual schools.

How long do the summer holidays last in Australia?

The longest period of holidays in the Australian school calendar is the Christmas / summer break, which is observed by each Australian state and territory. The summer school holidays typically run for five to six weeks.

The length of the break, along with the warm weather, make this a particularly popular ‘peak’ time for most Australians to travel domestically.

How long do the Easter holidays last in Australia?

Easter is a popular time for Australian family to take a holiday, but the length of the break varies from year to year. In some years, Easter is timed to coincide with school holidays and / or ANZAC Day, providing for an extended break. In other years, Easter is observed separately to school holidays.

Because Easter incorporates two public holidays, it provides for a minimum four day break for school children, along with workers who are eligible to take the time off.

Travelling in Australia during the school holidays

School holidays are an incredibly popular time for Australians to travel, so it pays to plan ahead.

As the school holidays are a peak period for travel, many services and facilities experience higher demand. The cost of flights and accommodation can be more expensive during school holidays. Some businesses and services may also shut for a time during the school holidays.

Looking for things to do during the school holidays?

Whether you are planning to travel or looking for activities closer to home, check out our ‘Things To Do section’. Get inspired with things to do during the school holidays in every Australian state and territory.