NT public holidays

northern territory australian public holidays and school holidays

NT public holidays 2021 – 2023

The tables below set out NT public holidays for 2021 to 2023:

New Year’s Day^^Friday 1 January
Australia Day HolidayTuesday 26 January
Good FridayFriday 2 April
Easter SaturdaySaturday 3 April
Easter MondayMonday 5 April
Anzac Day^Sunday 25 April &
Monday 26 April
May DayMonday 3 May
Queen’s BirthdayMonday 14 June
Picnic DayMonday 2 August
Christmas Eve*Friday 24 December
Christmas Day^^Saturday 25 December &
Monday 27 December
Boxing Day^^Sunday 26 December &
Tuesday 28 December
New Year’s Eve*Friday 31 December

NT public holidays notes

* Part day holiday from 7pm to midnight
^When Anzac Day (25 April) falls on a Sunday – the following Monday will be the public holiday.
^^When Christmas Day (25 December), Boxing Day (26 December) or New Year’s Day (1 January) fall on weekends – those days and the following Mondays will be public holidays.

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New Year’s Day^^Saturday 1 January &
Monday 3 January
Australia Day HolidayWednesday 26 January
Good FridayFriday 15 April
Easter SaturdaySaturday 16 April
Easter MondayMonday 18 April
Anzac Day^Monday 25 April
May DayMonday 2 May
Queen’s BirthdayMonday 13 June
Picnic DayMonday 1 August
Christmas Eve*Saturday 24 December
Christmas Day^^Sunday 25 December &
Monday 26 December
Boxing Day^^Monday 26 December &
Tuesday 27 December
New Year’s Eve*Saturday 31 December

New Year’s Day^^Sunday 1 January &
Monday 2 January
Australia Day HolidayThursday 26 January
Good FridayFriday 7 April
Easter SaturdaySaturday 8 April
Easter MondayMonday 10 April
Anzac Day^Tuesday 25 April
May DayMonday 1 May
Queen’s BirthdayMonday 12 June
Picnic DayMonday 7 August
Christmas Eve*Sunday 24 December
Christmas Day^^Monday 25 December
Boxing Day^^Tuesday 26 December
New Year’s Eve*Sunday 31 December

Northern Territory / NT regional holidays 2021 – 2023

To work out which Regional Holiday applies to your location, consult this map.

Regional Holiday202120222023
Borroloola Show DayFriday
20 August
19 August
18 August
Alice Springs Show DayFriday
2 July
1 July
7 July
Tennant Creek Show DayFriday
9 July
8 July
14 July
Katherine Show DayFriday
16 July
15 July
21 July
Darwin Show DayFriday
23 July
22 July
28 July
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NT Government website

Northern Territory public and bank holidays are prescribed by the Public Holidays Act 2016.

NT public holidays are administered by the Office of the Commissioner for Public Employment (OCPE).

nt public holidays 2021

Previous NT public holidays

New Year’s Day^^Wednesday 1 January
Australia Day HolidayMonday 27 January
Good FridayFriday 10 April
Easter SaturdaySaturday 11 April
Easter MondayMonday 13 April
Anzac Day^Saturday 25 April
May DayMonday 4 May
Queen’s BirthdayMonday 8 June
Picnic DayMonday 3 August
Christmas Eve*Thursday 24 December
Christmas Day^^Friday 25 December
Boxing Day^^Saturday 26 December &
Monday 28 December
New Year’s Eve*Thursday 31 December

For 2020, as Boxing Day (26 December) falls on a Saturday, that day and the following Monday (28 December) will be public holidays.

Previous Northern Territory / NT regional holidays

Regional Holiday2020
Borroloola Show DayFriday 14 August
Alice Springs Show DayFriday 3 July
Tennant Creek Show DayFriday 10 July
Katherine Show DayFriday 17 July
Darwin Show DayFriday 24 July
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What to know about NT public holidays

There are thirteen Northern Territory public holidays observed each year. This includes a range of eleven official national public holidays, along with two that are unique to the Northern Territory.

Public holidays that are unique to the NT

  • May Day
  • Picnic Day

NT Picnic Day public holiday

Picnic Day is a public holiday that is unique to the Northern Territory.  Picnic Day events were first held in the Northern Territory in the late 1800s.

The famous Harts Range Races, located near Alice Springs, are held each Picnic Day long weekend.

Picnic Day is held on the first Monday of August each year. Picnic Day public holiday dates are as follows:

  • Monday, 2nd August, 2021
  • Monday, 1st August, 2022

NT May Day public holiday

May Day is a public holiday, also unique to the Northern Territory. In other states and territories May Day is known as Labour Day.

May Day celebrates the achievements of the Labour Movement in obtaining improved economic and social conditions for the workforce in the 19th century; namely a maximum eight hour working day.

Every May Day a march is held in Darwin CBD. It has recently evolved into an opportunity to protest work issues, at both territory and federal levels. A family picnic is also held on the Esplanade at Bicentennial Park.

May Day is held on the first Monday of May each year. May Day public holiday dates are as follows:

  • Monday, 3rd May, 2021
  • Monday, 2nd May, 2022

May Day also conveniently marks the beginning of the Northern Territory dry season, running from May to October.

Northern Territory regional public holiday dates 

A number of NT regional public holiday dates are observed each year. These are for local show holidays in certain areas.

The regional holidays are:

  • Borroloola Show Day
  • Alice Springs Show Day
  • Tennant Creek Show Day
  • Katherine Show Day
  • Darwin Show Day

The separate regions include Borroloola, Alice Springs, Tennant Creek, Katherine and Darwin. You can check which regional public holiday applies to your geographical area by heading to the map of show day regions on the nt.gov.au website.

The timing of Northern Territory public holidays

Picnic Day and May Day do not fall within NT school holidays. However, these holidays are observed on a Monday. This means they conveniently provide for long weekends in the middle of school terms.

Where national holidays fall on a weekend, many have an additional day provided for on the following Monday.

Visiting the NT during a public holiday

It’s important to carefully plan your visit to the Northern Territory during a public holiday.

Where peak visitor seasons and public holidays come together, visitors may experience disproportionately expensive accommodation due to very limited supply. Restaurant and pubs are also extremely busy. Booking well in advance is advised.

The Northern Territory dry season (May to October) is especially popular, and many public holidays are observed during this period. Many visitors choose to avoid the wet season of November to April.

NT school holiday and term dates

If you’re looking for school holidays and school term dates for the Northern Territory, you can view them here.

Why are Mother’s Day and Father’s Day not listed as a public holiday in the Northern Territory?

Both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are Observances rather than a public holiday for Northern Territorians. Unfortunately, NT does not receive a legislated holiday or day off in lieu.