New Zealand public holidays 2021 -2022

New Year’s DayFriday 1 January
Day after New Year’s DaySaturday 2 January or Monday 4 January
Waitangi DaySaturday 6 February or Monday 8 February
Good FridayFriday 2 April
Easter MondayMonday 5 April
Anzac DaySunday 25 April or Monday 26 April
Queen’s BirthdayMonday 7 June
Labour DayMonday 25 October
Christmas DaySaturday 25 December or Monday 27 December
Boxing DaySunday 26 December or Tuesday 28 December

NZ public holiday notes

If a holiday falls on the weekend check the Employment NZ website.

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New Year’s DaySaturday 1 January or Monday 3 January
Day after New Year’s DaySunday 2 January or Tuesday 4 January
Waitangi DaySunday 6 February or Monday 7 February
Good FridayFriday 15 April
Easter MondayMonday 18 April
Anzac DayMonday 25 April
Queen’s BirthdayMonday 6 June
Labour DayMonday 24 October
Christmas DaySunday 25 December or Tuesday 27 December
Boxing DayMonday 26 December

nz public holidays

NZ regional anniversary days 2021 – 2022

AucklandMonday 1 February
Canterbury SouthMonday 27 September
CanterburyFriday 12 November
Chatham IslandsMonday 29 November
Hawke’s BayFriday 22 October
MarlboroughMonday 1 November
NelsonMonday 1 February
OtagoMonday 22 March
SouthlandTuesday 6 April
TaranakiMonday 8 March
WellingtonMonday 25 January
WestlandMonday 29 November
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AucklandMonday 31 January
Canterbury SouthMonday 26 September
CanterburyFriday 11 November
Chatham IslandsMonday 28 November
Hawke’s BayFriday 21 October
MarlboroughMonday 31 October
NelsonMonday 31 January
OtagoMonday 21 March
SouthlandTuesday 19 April
TaranakiMonday 14 March
WellingtonMonday 24 January
WestlandMonday 28 November

New Zealand Government website

NZ public holidays are listed by the Holidays Act 2003. However, the actual dates are set in other pieces of legislation such as the Waitangi Day Act 1976, ANZAC Day Act 1966 and Sovereigns Birthday Observance Act 1952.

Other holidays such as Easter and Christmas are religious and treated slightly different.

Regional or city councils set the Provincial Anniversary Days based on custom and practice.

NZ public holidays are administered by Employment NZ.

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What to know about NZ public holidays

There are ten NZ public holidays observed each year and a regional anniversary. New Zealand is not like Australia with a State/Territory model and so the holiday system is much more consistent across the country.

Public holidays that are unique to NZ

Waitangi Day

Waitangi Day marks the initial signing of the treaty of Waitangi in the Bay of Island on 6th February 1840. It is regarded as the founding document of New Zealand and is as close to a Constitution as NZ gets.

However, it was not until 1934 that Waitangi Day was celebrated and it wasn’t until 1974 that the day became a public holiday. Now, 6th February is a national holiday and if it falls on a weekend, the following Monday becomes a holiday.

On the day, NZ citizenship ceremonies are held, public gatherings occur, parties, social events, Maori hui on maraes occur and at Waitangi itself in recent years, protests.

New Zealand regional anniversary days

Regional Anniversary Days in NZ are heavily geared towards making the most of the spring and summer months, allowing residents additional long weekends when the weather lends itself to outdoor activities.

The timing of NZ public holidays

Most public holidays are from December through to April (also when the weather is best). NZ faces a long winter with few holidays, so this is a duration when leave is best used to breakup the winter with spells off for skiing or travelling to the northern hemisphere for some relief.

Visiting NZ during a public holiday

The best time to visit NZ is February – March. It is worth noting that between Christmas and New Year, shops may have limited hours and businesses tend to shut down.

NZ school holiday and term dates

If you’re looking for school holiday and school term dates for New Zealand, you can view them here.

Why are Mother’s Day and Father’s Day not listed as NZ public holidays?

Both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are Observances rather than a public holiday for Kiwis. Unfortunately, NZ does not receive a legislated holiday or day off in lieu.