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Western Australian public holidays 2021 – 2023

Western Australia public holiday dates for 2021 to 2023 are listed in the table below:

New Year’s DayFriday 1 January
Australia Day HolidayTuesday 26 January
Labour DayMonday 1 March 
Good FridayFriday 2 April
Easter MondayMonday 5 April 
Anzac Day^Sunday 25 April
& Monday 26 April
Western Australia DayMonday 7 June
Queen’s Birthday#Monday 27 September
Christmas Day^Saturday 25 December
& Monday 27 December
Boxing Day^Sunday 26 December
& Tuesday 28 December

WA public holidays notes

#Some regions hold Queen’s Birthday on an alternative date. Refer to Regional Holidays below. Often, the Queen’s Birthday public holiday is held on an alternative date, usually to coincide with a significant date or event for that area, in regional areas.
*Monday 26 December 2022 is a Boxing Day public holiday and also an additional Christmas Day public holiday at the same time.
^When New Year’s Day, Anzac Day, or Christmas Day falls on a Saturday or Sunday the next following Monday is also a public holiday. When Boxing Day falls on a Saturday the next following Monday is also a public holiday, and when Boxing Day falls on a Sunday or Monday the next following Tuesday is also a public holiday.

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New Year’s Day^Saturday 1 January
& Monday 3 January
Australia Day HolidayWednesday 26 January
Labour DayMonday 7 March
Good FridayFriday 15 April
Easter MondayMonday 18 April
Anzac DayMonday 25 April
Western Australia DayMonday 6 June
Queen’s Birthday#To be proclaimed
Christmas Day*^Sunday 25 December
& Monday 26 December
Boxing Day^Monday 26 December
& Tuesday 27 December

New Year’s Day^Sunday 1 January
& Monday 2 January
Australia Day HolidayThursday 26 January
Labour DayMonday 6 March
Good FridayFriday 7 April
Easter MondayMonday 10 April
Anzac DayTuesday 25 April
Western Australia DayMonday 5 June
Queen’s Birthday#Monday 25 September
Christmas Day^Monday 25 December
Boxing Day^Tuesday 26 December
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Western Australia regional holidays 2021 – 2022

These dates are yet to be proclaimed.

Regional Holiday202120222023
Queen’s Birthday public holiday – Town of Port HedlandTBATBATBA
Queen’s Birthday public holiday – City of KarrathaTBATBATBA
Queen’s Birthday public holiday – Shire of East Pilbara – Marble BarTBATBATBA
Queen’s Birthday public holiday – Shire of East Pilbara – NewmanTBATBATBA

For further detail on the localities involved, visit this page.

Government website

Western Australian public and bank holidays are prescribed by the Public and Bank Holidays Act 1972

WA public holidays are administered by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety.

wa public holidays 2021

Previous Western Australia / WA public holidays

New Year’s Day^Wednesday 1 January
Australia Day HolidayMonday 27 January
Labour DayMonday 2 March
Good FridayFriday 10 April
Easter MondayMonday 13 April
Anzac Day^Saturday 25 April
& Monday 27 April
Western Australia DayMonday 1 June
Queen’s Birthday#Monday 28 September
Christmas Day^Friday 25 December
Boxing Day^Saturday 26 December
& Monday 28 December

Previous Western Australia regional holidays

Regional Holiday2020
Queen’s Birthday public holiday – Town of Port HedlandMonday 3 August
Queen’s Birthday public holiday – City of KarrathaMonday 3 August
Queen’s Birthday public holiday – Shire of East Pilbara – Marble BarMonday 6 July
Queen’s Birthday public holiday – Shire of East Pilbara – NewmanMonday 17 August
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What to know about WA public holiday dates

Western Australia the least public holidays observed each year, with just ten.
There are two types of public holidays in WA – national and state holidays.

National public holidays: These are WA public holidays that have the same or similar dates and significance as other states and territories. ANZAC is an example of one such holiday, held on the same day nationally. However, Queen’s Birthday and Labour Day dates vary across the nation.

State-wide WA public holidays: These holidays are specific to the WA. For example, Western Australia Day.

Western Australia Day public holiday

On the first Monday in June every year, Western Australians celebrate their State Day. Prior to 2012, the day was celebrated as Foundation Day. This changed with bipartisan support in WA Parliament for the name change to Western Australia Day. The intention was to make the day more inclusive for all, no matter how long they have been Western Australians.

Foundation Day celebrated the arrival of the first European settlers under Capt James Stirling RN, to settle the Swan River Colony in 1829.

Western Australia Day public holidays are as follows:

  • Monday, 7th June, 2021
  • Monday, 6th June, 2022

Why is Queen’ Birthday different in WA?

Due to Western Australia Day falling in June, Queen’s Birthday is not celebrated in June, like most other states and territories, rather it occurs in late September, providing a long weekend at the end of the third school term.

Why do parts of WA have different Queen’s Birthday dates?

Queen’s Birthday is held on different dates in some Local Government districts. This is to coincide with a significant historical date or regional event.

WA public holidays timing

With the lowest holiday count in the nation, Western Australians have it tougher than most. Between ANZAC Day and Christmas Day, WA gets only two long weekends, through the winter period, when some of the more pleasant weather and school holidays occur.

Visiting WA during a public holiday

Visiting WA, especially Perth, is not as restrictive as some other states and territories. Particularly in tourist and eating areas, a good selection of food and drink should be available on public holidays.

When should you visit Western Australia?

Spring is the best time to visit Western Australia with warm days, little rain and abundant sunshine. Beyond November becomes unbearable with the heat.

Do businesses in WA open on public holidays?

General retail in the Perth metropolitan area is permitted to trade between 8am and 6pm on Australia Day, Labour Day, Easter Monday, ANZAC Day, Western Australia Day and Queen’s Birthday.

Retail is not permitted ANZAC Day, Christmas Day and Good Friday.

Many store types are not covered by the Retail Trading Hours Act 1987 including restaurants, café, takeaways, short term markets. and Rottnest Island shops.

Petrol stations are also deregulated in all areas.

WA school term and holiday dates

If you’re looking for school holiday and school term dates for WA, you can view them here.

Why are Mother’s Day and Father’s Day not listed as a public holiday in Western Australia?

Both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are Observances rather than public holidays for Western Australia. Unfortunately, WA does not receive a legislated holiday or day off in lieu.