WA school holidays

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Western Australia / WA School Holidays 2021 to 2022

Term 1Monday 1 February to Thursday 1 April
Term 2Monday 19 April to Friday 2 July
Term 3Monday 19 July to Friday 24 September
Term 4Monday 11 October to Thursday 16 December
Term 1Monday 31 January to Friday 8 April
Term 2Tuesday 26 April to Friday 1 July
Term 3Monday 18 July to Friday 23 September
Term 4Monday 10 October to Thursday 15 December
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Official Information

Western Australia’s Department of Education sets school holidays dates and policies. You can visit their website here.

Other Information

In WA, there are six school development days where students do not attend:

  • Two of these days are prior to the school year for students, and one day following the school year for students.
  • Each school has discretion in scheduling another three days throughout the year in consultation with its school council/board and school community.
wa school holidays 2021

Previous Western Australia Term Dates and WA School Holidays

Term 1Monday 3 February to Thursday 9 April
Term 2Tuesday 28 April to Friday 3 July
Term 3Monday 20 July to Friday 25 September
Term 4Monday 12 October to Thursday 17 December

Western Australian Public Holidays

WA public holidays for 2020 – 2022 are listed here.